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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2.5 years - a long time to neglect my mom and dad's blog.............

It really felt wonderful to 'tune in again' - mom is doing great; dad's been gone since 1993, but when I hear Chris Boti ( or is that Botti) play the horn, it's like having my dad back again as he was in 1945.

Time to turn on their favorite songs and listen 'all night long' as I see the images of both of them from when they were 'youngsters' saying goodbye as dad left for WWII.........

Friday, March 20, 2009

When they fell in love, it was 'forever'.............

I know the composite photos are small; however, if you look close you'll see my dad (nick-named Bubbins), standing next to a tank - he served with MacArthur in the Philippines during WWII.

What was this all about? Well the Philippines were our allies; just a common-wealth - a country of courageous people.

I thought a little history on the Philippines 'time-line', might be nice. I have a couple friends who live in the Philippines - born in Manila, and they are the dearest people...........

1934-1964: War and Independence

The United States leaves -- twice -- but stays close.

General Douglas MacArthur wades ashore on Luzon

General Douglas MacArthur wades ashore on Leyte in 1944, two years after Japan had defeated American and Philippine forces. (photo: National Archives)
During the 1920s and 1930s, prominent Filipino nationalists like Manuel Quezon took their case for independence to Washington, D.C. Their breakthrough came in 1934, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill that made the Philippines a commonwealth until 1946, when it would become fully independent. Quezon was elected president of the new commonwealth.

World War II interrupted the transition to independence. Within minutes of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Japanese airplanes bombed Manila and nearby American military bases. The American forces in the islands, commanded by General Douglas MacArthur, were unprepared for the invasion that followed. After escaping to Australia, MacArthur told reporters, "I have come through, and I shall return."

Moro traders approach American Coast Guard

Moro traders approach an American Coast Guard vessel, 1945. (photo: National Archives)
Japan claimed to have liberated the islands from the "oppression and tyranny" of American rule, but replaced it with something far more brutal and exploitive. Guerilla groups formed to harass Japanese forces and the Filipino puppet government they installed. The most powerful group was the Hukbalahap, or Huks, a 25,000-strong peasant army based in Luzon. The communist-influenced Huks not only attacked the Japanese but also seized land from landlords. "If I worked in those sugar fields, I'd be a Huk myself," MacArthur said sympathetically.

MacArthur and the U.S. army returned to the Philippines in 1944. After a bloody battle for Manila, the islands were declared liberated once more. More than 1 million Filipinos had died during the war. As promised, the Republic of the Philippines became a sovereign and independent nation on July 4, 1946. After witnessing the handover, MacArthur announced, "America buried imperialism here today."

Roosevelt meets with MacArthur and Nimitz to discuss war strategy

President Franklin D. Roosevelt meets with General MacArthur and Admiral Chester Nimitz to discuss war strategy, 1944. Ten years earlier, Roosevelt had signed the law that laid the groundwork for the hand over of the Philippines. (National Archives)
The United States, however, was far from gone. It still played a major military role in the new republic. Under a 1947 agreement, the United States was permitted to operate a naval base at Subic Bay and Clark Air Force Base outside Manila -- the largest American overseas bases in the world, and crucial to the U.S. military's Cold War strategy in Asia.

And the United States continued to keep a close watch on domestic affairs. The Huk guerrillas resurfaced in the late 1940s, fueled by peasants' continuing desire for agricultural reform. With military aid and covert assistance from the United States, the Philippine government quashed the Huks by 1954.

A few pictures from Breezy's (mom's) collection

Back when box cameras were all we could afford ($8.00 from Sears & Roebuck), this is the kind of photograph that was so typical - too bad we didn't have the money so we could have captured those happy times with much better quality. Sadly, they are such small photographs, the images aren't easily seen on this blog. Yet I know this: The people in this photograph who are looking at the pictures, recognize themselves - most have 'real copies' too (as I have).

While I'm thinking of it, the flowers that used to be on the right-hand side of this blog, have 'disappeared' - guess the web-site (Pyzan) that helped me create the initial blog have now abandoned their graphics, so I truly miss the bouquet that once appeared on this site to make it so beautifully 'summer' - mom does love her flowers...........

Guess I'll have to go looking for more flowers to post here and on the side-bar.

Happy Spring - it's the first day according to my calendar.


Thursday, October 2, 2008


I call it a 'wee' miracle, because I imagine most people think miracles come in 'sizes' (as I do). A big miracle would be if suddenly all wars and conflict ended, and love 'invaded' everyone! That is a very very big 'miracle' in my mind.

This wee one came in the form of a post from Brenda, the sister of Julie who died in April of this year. My mom was so taken by the story published in the Kalamazoo Gazette, she sent it to me and asked I put it on her web-page. I received the letter and article on April 29, 2008 - the day my nephew (Mike) turned 39. It was also April 29, 2002, that I nearly died in a car accident, so this was my 6th anniversary of surviving that terrible event that took 5 years to fully recover from.

Then because Brenda took the time to comment, I was able to locate her web-page and found a very charming site where she talks about life; her six children - shows off her beautiful hand-made rugs, and that's where I looked for some type of tribute she might have made to her sister.

Here is Brenda's 'open letter' and post to Julie, it is very loving and warm:

My sister died today. I was with her for 4 days of her last 6. She has been fighting Non-Hodgkins lymphoma for 16 years. But it was the Graft vs. Host disease that killed her.

She was strong and brave and beautiful and so full of love. There is not a person who knew her that didn't love her. She was a poet that married a poet. They adopted a 12 year old boy from inner city Detroit 6 years ago. God Bless John and Martel as they grieve their wife and Mother. Julie you were more than a sister to me, you were a friend and someone whom baring my heart to was easy and safe.

I haven't been posting much because of all the turmoil in my heart. Julie has been in the hospital since February 15, 2008 and what she has gone through was horrendous. She did it because she wanted to live.

She truly fit into the catagory of only the good die young.

Our last days together are filled with love and I will cherish every minute of them forever.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome to my mom's page! My dad passed away in 1993.

This picture was taken in 1941; dad carried mom's photo with him throughout WWII - you can see the slight damage to the photo - it was beside him throughout that terrible time.

The music you'll hear is a composite of songs that were melodies mom and dad loved in their young years - as they progressed through their lives, and the song 'IF' was played at my father's funeral in May of 1993.

Music was a joy to them; to me - to all of us children, and I hope you enjoy your visit as we walk through the lives of 2 people who gave me such strength; I'm almost 66 years old - mom is going on 84, and between the 'two of us' - just the two of us, we feel the power of what we were taught by our parents - our grand parents, and those who were our neighbors and loved family members.

Do the ANNIVERSARY WALTZ with us - listen to the voices of those talented people who've long since passed, and rejoice in the new artists who keep the music alive in us all! Welcome. Diane - the oldest child of Vern and Marie Rambow - who is very proud to be one of the 5 children who enjoy life in this wonderful country of America.

By jove, I think she's got it!!!!

Wow - after all those weeks of struggling, and once Mozilla Fox-Fire was downloaded, not only did the blog come in fast as lightening, but the pictures showed up - the music started, and no more 'slow feeds'. You've just got to get that software (it's free), and all the add-ons, and you'll zoom through this blog and all other web-site, and blogs like the speed of light!!!!

Welcome to Breezy - now you certainly will 'breeze' through this the way Breezy did in her 80+ years of extraordinary ability to glean the most from what she had; how she dealt with what she didn't have, and how she continues to thrive and drive through the 'muck' of troubles, with a sincere and honest joy as she moves now to her 84th birthday. With great love - her family; her children, and her friends!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Okay, mom told me I should talk nice and explain the problem...

You want an explanation as to why you might be having trouble seeing the pictures? Hearing the music? Well it's right below - nice and polite like mom said I should be.
I don't want anything 'negative' on my mom's blog, so I'll keep my reaction to my own troubles in getting this site to 'show and tell' the way I designed it, to myself.
I bid you the best as you 'travel' through the land of Breezy and her husband 'Bubbins' (his nick-name).
The music will go from beautiful waltz melodies; to soft love songs - dance, and then it's going to get a bit noisy before it gets done.
I think I pretty much said that in an earlier entry, but I just want to be sure you don't put your feet up; have that volume cranked to 'loud', and then get hit with a blast from
Dizzy Gillespie or Harry James.
There - now I 'done good' with all the explanations
and warnings I think...

Just a quick note about the problems with this blog...

There seems to be a difficulty when trying to view this on 'dial-up' service; it runs slow (or doesn't load properly). Some have sent me e-mails that the music runs slow or is erratic.
What's strange is other readers have absolutely no problems, so I'm truly puzzled.
What to do, what to do...............
Hit the 'refresh' tab - it might take 3 or 4 times before the blog loads completely. There are 56 text entries; quite a few photos, so I'm guessing Google has trouble with loading all the files - thus text and/or photos are sometimes missing. I guess I should say: "Google is having technical difficulties lately", and I apologize for it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh how they danced!

All the music I've selected, my mother and father either danced to - sang to, or simply enjoyed when they'd listen to one of their favorite bands.
As you read and listen to the music, you'll find some of the good old 'masters of music' as they play their sax's - their trumpets; dazzle you with their drum skills, or tear your heart out with a love song.
Dad loved the music from the movie GODFATHER. Mom loved just about any kind of music she could tune in on the old radio that was always filled with static.
When they sang GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY, we were driving to Florida - Nancy was a little girl; we both rode in the back of the Hudson dad loved so much, and it seemed like such a long trip.
We went through the Smokey Mountains; dad said we had to visit his army buddy Ansel Seeds. We drove around those hair-pin curves; saw the tiny place Ansel and his family lived in, and then we headed 'south' to Great Grandma Grace's home in Orlando, Florida.
From symphonies to good old jazz and boogie; music was a part of our lives - it is in our spirit, and our 'bones'. That song 'dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones - now hear the word of the Lord'.....well, I couldn't find it for this blog, but I did find GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY. I found so many of those songs mother and dad loved so much.
They were dancing at Ramona Park the night before I was born. As I said earlier, I 'ruined' their Thanksgiving by being born at 4:44 p.m. - Thanksgiving Day of 1942, but darn, I think they did forgive me.
Do stay and listen to the music my parents delighted in hearing; dancing to - and smiling after a long day on the farm; hard work - not much money, but there was always a 'song in their hearts'....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Well I wasn't born when mom and dad used to dance to the ANNIVERSARY WALTZ...

...but I clearly remember one of the songs mom and dad loved was 'IF' - it was sung by the group called 'Bread', and Johnny Mathis recorded it before 'Bread' was a well-known group.
So, today I asked Diane if she'd add it to the music-list.
I hear Chris Botti's trumpet, and it's true - dad played as beautifully as he did.
Hey, now that 'Guitar Man', by Bread - that's great;
for our brother Ken
(his picture is at the bottom of the page along with one of the many guitars he custom-builds).
Thanks, Diane - it's 3,000 miles from Florida to Nevada,
but the I-net brings us together in seconds...appreciate you adding that music for mom and dad, because I know it's one of their favorites.
Love, Barb

Monday, May 26, 2008

In Memory of my dad who passed away 15 years ago today.

I took this photograph so I could bring a rose to dad, and to mom. In his memory....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Called mom to see what she was doing for Memorial Day.

As always, mom makes certain the graves have flowers - she visits daddy's grave-site even though dad's ashes are kept close by her bed. She told me they had the needed rain; told me she wants to go with me gambling, to the new casino - I'll be taking here there in September this year.
I also enjoy the newspaper
clippings mom sends me each week - she's so good about keeping me in touch with
all that happens in my home-town area.
Yesterday was a year ago to the day, that mom discovered she had breast cancer. By January 20, after all the therapy and care, mom was pronounced 'free of cancer'. I think January 20 is a new 'memorial day' for those that love her; freedom - these are freedom colors for today, and always.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today I got a lovely e-mail from a man who's ill with cancer...

This is one of my goofy 'cut-and-paste' efforts. I've been corresponding with this cancer patient; reading his heart-warming blog, as he now has a new 'fight'. He was a prize-fighter; he's young - he's trying to enjoy his latter days by touring across this great country of ours.
I thought about my own cancer experience; my mom's (this blog was started to give tribute to her). There are battles that are won; wars that are resolved - there are battles that don't end happily - I have no idea how this man's struggle will end, but he's doing it with great optimisim and gusto.
You might want to visit his site too.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Well they spelled my mother's married name wrong, but she got her news-story!

Since my scanner is broken, I had to take this photo - the concrete is our walk-way outside our condo.

Mother had called me about finding this
farm-house photo; she said they'd had electricity from the wind-mill that was
'out back'.....

Mother wanted the newspaper to create a brief story; she sent me the clipping - told me the story, and I sent it to the Kalamazoo Gazette about a month ago.

Mom 'fretted' - she thought possibly they'd
ignore the information she wanted so badly to have

On Sunday, mother told me "Hey, they printed it - I'm so happy!" Yes, they wrote a brief history, but too bad they couldn't spell our name right (darned movie RAMBO seems to now be the accepted spelling without checking out the fact that Rambow is the original spelling of the name). Oh well, at least mother is happy - I can see her smiling from here.....

Photos mom sent to me May 14, 2008 - they just arrived.

The top photo my mother gave me years ago; Dad in Manilla - WWII. I love the photo' of dad and his 'tire' - one of his 'toys'....
Dad and his chickens - mom said Grandma Ann (dad's mother) was always so proud of the way my father would take good care of the laying hens - love his hat!
Dad, and his sisters - Aunt Betty
has the dark black beautiful hair; she died in a car accident at age 29.
Aunt Donna-Jean (Nonny) is standing in front; she lived in a nursing home for
years because of Alzheimer's Disease - her life was full, but not long.
Dad lost both of his sisters many years before he died in 1993 - we missed our
aunts as well; they were always laughing....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Anniversary Waltz - "Oh how they danced on the night they were wed...."

We keep bringing up this beautiful picture of Vern & Marie aka 'Bubbins' and 'Breezy' - their nick-names.
Today, it was a day to chat with Breezy about the Mom's Day celebration; the fact we had all had great times with family, and to remember so many memories....
Today is Tom's birthday - one of Breezy's grandson's - he's 39. We spent a great 5 days with Tom and his family in Palm Desert; the 2 children are just below this entry.
Breezy said she'd had a wonderful brunch with Nancy; Beth - Ken...and 2 of her great grand-kids on Mom's Day.
Breezy said it rained the past few days; so good for the garden and her flowers.
Breezy - today was a eventful day because she went
back in for her follow-up mammogram, and it was 'all clear'.....
All clear was the test; not all
clear was the day - rainy; damp, and so suited for the time of year to plant the
seeds of flowers - a new year of blossoms.
Tom, Sandy - the 2 children; growing like beautiful flowers as well - the family is all healthy; Breezy is happy, as is her oldest daughter who is the mom of Tom - and very happy to post these recent photos here.

Happy Birthday to Tom; here's Sandy, Brittany & her guy (Tim), and Justin.....

....we're all here to wish Tom a happy 39th birthday, and to say 'Hi Grandma Breezy - we hope you had a great Mom's Day!'

By the way, FAITH is the newest member of the Tom
Daniels' family - she's a bit over 1-year old; looks much like Sarah, and she wanted to send her best wishes too!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Hey, Breezy - remember this photo of me when I was in Manilla - WWII?"

"Today is MAY DAY - hey, I used to bring you flowers from the field....sometimes from the flower shop when we had enough money...."
"Okay, well I'm short on flowers..."
..."in heaven where I've been since 1993, we do the 'Yankee Doodle went to town; just to ride a pony - stuck a feather in his hat; called it Macaroni' routine.........
"Feathers, Breezy
- lots of pretty feathers to send you my love 'long-distance' like so many
years ago."

Another great talk with Breezy; the cellular phone is 'recharging'....

What fun it is to chat with mom; she's feeling so good - jabbering about 'things in life'.....

We talked about the Indians up near Mt. Pleasant carrying water - the fact Michigan residents want to 'buy water' from the Indians....

We talked about how all of us are going to have to 'buckle down' - be strong, and weather the current economy and other issues that are front-page news.

I told her I found the photo' of her that I took on her Las Vegas trip to see us - we talked about me driving her all over California; Nevada, and Arizona in our motor-home; just mom & me - delightful memories.

So, here's mom - in the sun; always with the sun on her face; a smile - and the wind blowing in her hair - that's 'Breezy'.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A "Mom" letter & request on 4/29/08

"Dear Diane: So glad you're all getting together at the Grand Canyon - I know you'll have fun".

"Enclosed are some clippings of the earth-quake, and the story of the writer who died of cancer"....

"The weather is beautiful; flowers are coming out - spring is here...."

In memory of: Julie Moulds Rybicki - died at Ann Arbor
Hospital after a 16-year bout with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma - age

Mrs. Rybicki had battled it and won over it 7 times. Mrs.
Rybicki, a native of North Muskegon and a graduate of Hope College, published
her poetry collection THE WOMAN WITH A CUBED HEAD in 1998. She wrote about
her cancer experiences. She taught at WMU where she received her masters
in poetry.

"She was the kind of person who was capable of having no illusions
and yet loving you fiercely," her husband said.

Her blog that she kept is here - you might like to read some of her
entries; her last one is in 2006 - nearly 2 years ago.

Mother felt this needed to be mentioned; and

Monday, April 28, 2008

....and Breezy said when she heard 3 of us got so sick this past week....

"Well, I'm just so sorry Diane - you were all looking forward to that Grand Canyon visit so much...."
But, those of us who did get sick, did see these beautiful blossoms and pines from our hotel window where we 'nursed ourselves' and drove several hours home - at least no one gained weight on this trip; stomach flu', and food poisoning have a way of preventing that.
Anyway, mom - these are for you............
Love, Rick, Diane, Tom & Sandy - April - 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

OH HOW THEY DANCED....the first 4 words of the ANNIVERSARY WALTZ that's playing now....


There's a song that's all about 'Saturday - in the park; think it was the 4th of July' (or something like that). Well this was in June....what a beautiful day too.
The entry below this one, shows mom and dad relaxing while mom cuddles my niece - ah, those memories come back as I find photos in the closet; in drawers, and I know I should have organized all of this better.......
Anyway, just had to put this one up here - not only did they 'dance', but how they talked and laughed too.

Well, look what I found in my closet - wish I'd entered this one sooner...

The picture is a bit 'crinkled' - but this is one of my very favorites - mom and dad; Denise - about 27 years ago....
Hey, it's still darned good
looking even if the edges of the photo are rough - we had a great day relaxing
in the park, as you can see!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Breezy as she looks today; her first grand-child (Lisa) - the beautiful bracelet Kevin made for me. Diane

This 'blog' is for my mom - Marie; nick-named Breezy.
If I'd started this 2 years ago, I'd have twice the pictures with which to 'build' some of mom's memories. Unfortunately it was a year ago (today), that my computer 'crashed' - and nearly all of my photos 'died' with the computer.
It was a few years ago at Christmas, when Kevin gave
me this beautiful bracelet he made for me with photos of mom-Marie, and her
grand-kids. I wore that bracelet all the time; one day, it was missing
from my arm.
The only 'good thing' was, I'd taken photographs of the bracelet - at least I have that.
The first song you'll hear as you visit this page, is
called THE ANNIVERSARY WALTZ. I selected that because of the beginning
words...'oh how they danced on the night they were wed.'
Of all the things I remember most, it was the beautiful way mom and dad danced - so, it seemed right to start off with this melody.
My dad played a beautiful trumpet - the trumpet
wasn't all that beautiful; the way he played it, was. It was difficult
trying to find anyone who could play like my father; however, around 12 years
ago, Kevin and I went to hear a young man (Chris Botti) play in a supper
club. The minute this man started to play, it was like hearing my father
all over again!
I was able to find about 10 melodies Chris has recorded; about 6 of them are favorites of my mom and dad. So, while this blog isn't near-perfect, it is created with 'what I have' - what remains of the 'pieces' of text and photos I could recover, and put here as a tribute to not only my mother, but my dad; my grandparents - and of course my sisters; brother, and children are included.
My niece (Heather) has been a great inspiration to me; she's a wonderful
mom - an outstanding photographer, and she never stops finding creative ways to
utilize all the beautiful photos she takes. If you'll look in the
side-bar, you'll find a photo-show I made for 'Breezy' (my mom's
nick-name). That link will take you to most of the photos I have here;
however, there will be no text - if you're in a hurry, click on that and
enjoy. Again, it was Heather making up a photo-show some weeks ago, that
gave me the idea for adding this feature to mother's page.
I know mother speaks so often to me about how proud she is of her children. Mother tells me how happy she is with the great families all of her grand-children have raised, or are raising. Breezy rejoices in the sizeable family she has; all the animals that are part of our households. She loves her birds in the yard; she dotes on her racoons that she feeds daily, and she welcomes the neighbor's 'critters' with open arms.
Mom's love of nature; gardening -
never complaining of the long hours and years she's put in to make a lovely home
out of 'what she had', has inspired all of us 5 children of hers, to 'make do' -
or 'make better' with what we have. We've learned how to take 'almost
nothing', and turn it into something pretty special, because both mom and dad
were just that way their entire lives!
Mom and dad's parents were much the same way - we learned from watching how they handled their lives; how they never complained, and worked with love in their hearts.
I was lucky to have all my great grandparents alive
when when I was born. They all lived long enough for me to learn the good
way of life, from them. My great grandmother Grace lived long enough to
see 2 of her great great grand-children be born; she was so proud of them - her
love for all of us still fills my heart.
I think of what Kahlil Gibran wrote: "Work is love made visible" - that said, love was ever constant and visible in my life - thanks to my parents; my grand-parents, and my great grandparents.
Music and art were emphasized by all who nurtured
us. Work - dirty hands; tired backs - signs of a day's
accomplishment. Concern for our surroundings; for the animals that strayed
into the yard - for the birds that lived in our trees, nature was our 'friend' -
we loved all that surrounded us.
Accumulation of material wealth and money was not on the list of 'things to do' - being charitable and thoughtful; kind to our neighbor - these were the priorities in my family's life, and still are.
The key point of this page started
out to be because of my mother's bout with cancer; it was discovered late-May of
2007. Without going into the difficult details of her 'battle', by
Christmas mom was back in the kitchen fixing a terrific holiday dinner. By
January 20, 2008 mother was given the 'all clear' sign that her cancer was
As I started putting this site together, I realized there were other 'key points' - surely, mom would like these pointed out.
Our father tirelessly worked his entire life to do the
best he could to give us the basic things of life. Our father suffered an
agonizing death from cancer - after months of pain and suffering, he died in May
of 1993.
My brother, Ken, continues to be one of the strongest and most helpful people in mom's life. Even though my brother has suffered from the effects of Bells Palsey, he ever complains; he's always smiling as best he can because of the affliction, and he is the most reliable and kind person one can hope to know.
My sister, Nancy - she's had her entire home burned to
the ground; destroying all her precious photos, but started a 'new world' for
herself, and she dances as beautifully as mom and dad did. She's currently
taking classes to improve her knowledge; to find a better job - and she's 61; a
time when many are retiring.
My sister, Beth - she works very long hours in her own business - her clients and associates hold high regard for her; talented in music and art, she's an ever constant friend to all.
youngest sister (younger than my own daughter)
has worked hard in her own
business as well - none of us 5 children ended up
working for anyone other
than 'ourselves' as we all chose the independent
business-owner ideals and
way of life. Barb has learned a variety of
techniques that contribute to the
comfort and well-being of each of her clients;
she tirelessly adds new skills
to her services, by attending school and seminars
so she can be the 'best'
at what she does.
Of the 5 children born to mom and dad, there are 8 grandchildren that are all grown - many with families of their own. Not only are all 8 productive and loving in their lives, but so are their spouses and their children. Each has learned the need for getting a sound education. Each has learned the value of taking steps to keep excellent health as a first priority. All have the big hearts that give to others. Every one of them works extremely long hours as they seek to do the best job they can for their employer and their clients.
Again, I want to close this entry with
something Kahlil Gibran
said: "Your children are not your children; they
come through you, not
from you." "You can not make your children to strive
to be like you, but
you can strive to be like your
I think in our family, we simply strive - and we admire all that each of
us have done; we are a reinforcing family - a network of love, that has created
a very strong fabric woven of sincere and ever-constant belief that 'each day is
a new day to fix what might have been broken the day before'.
I am very proud and happy to be just a tiny part of a
tremendous family!



Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sorry the photo is so small - my beautiful GRANDMA WILMA

Now is the time to confess my FULL name I guess. It's Wilma Diane , but dad told mom never to call me anything but Diane (after one of his favorite songs - MY DIANE -). So, that's the way it was.
I don't look like a Wilma in my mind; a Wilma is just like my grandmother - soft; delicate, serene and such a lady....
I'm not even close..........

OH HOW THEY DANCED - MANY YEARS AGO! Mom said she loved this 'talk with God' I sent her a week ago....

I dreamed I had an interview with God.
“So you would like to interview me?”
God asked.“If you have the time,”
I said.God smiled.“My time is
eternity… what questions do you have in mind for me?”
“What surprises you most about human
God answered… “That they get bored
with childhood, they rush to grow up, and then long to be children
“That they lose their health to
make money… and then lose their money to restore their
"That by thinking anxiously about
the future, they forget the present, such that they live in neither the present
nor the future.”
“That they live as if they will
never die… and die as though they had never lived.”
God’s hand took mine… and we were
silent for a while.
And then I asked, “As a parent, what
are some of life’s lessons you want your children to
“To learn they cannot make anyone
love them.
All they can do is let themselves be
“To learn that it is not good to compare themselves to others.”
“To learn to forgive by practicing forgiveness.”
“To learn that it only takes a few seconds to open profound wounds in those they love, and it can take many years to heal them.”
“To learn that a rich person is not who has the most, but is one who needs the least.”
“To learn that there are people who love them dearly, but simply do not yet know how to express or show their feelings.”
“To learn that two people can look at the same thing and see it differently.”
“To learn that it is not enough that they forgive one another, but they must also forgive themselves.”
“Thank you for your time,” I said
humbly. “Is there anything else you’d like your children to
God smiled and said…“Just know that
I am here...always.”

Monday, April 7, 2008




Well, we've managed to get this 'blog' for BREEZY done in April - a time for flowers; re-birth and a new beginning! Mom's well - she's struggled, but just like that little dandelion, she's found a way to sneak up through that concrete; a tiny crack - Breezy found the way as all determined women do. Welcome to spring - 2008, and your own 'blog', Mom! Love, Diane


How sad were her eyes; how worried Breezy looked...

But, she was determined to win - she did; she gathered all kinds of information, and she stuck to her guns - she listened to her own body, and monitered her treatment carefully.

When the chemotherapy started to wear her down, she told them to STOP - she told them to go straight to surgery; do not pass go - do not expect my $200; I'm going to live to enjoy another Christmas.

Another Christmas came - mom made up her famous ham; her great pumpkin pie - no, mom did not die.....


There they are - out in that sunshine; ready for lunch and wondering what the 'hold-up' is with me taking their picture. We had a great lunch - a wonderful memorie! We all miss Eileen - her last stroke was the final blow to her brave efforts to still enjoy life; she walked with her cane, and always smiled.


We couldn't have had a better second 'dad' - they never married, but worked together in the garden - traveled around DANCING OF COURSE...Breezy loved music and had the most beautiful style on the dance-floor!
Mike taught Breezy how to POLKA - it was a new dance she learned to do well, and loved!


As you can see, Mom & Dad finally moved into a lovely comfortable home! This was 31 years ago - it's even more beautiful now.


Fresh air; sunshine - lots of love - that's what a mom is! Grandma Wilma - she's arrived 'again', after 67 years of being 'just in a photo-box', she's here to join Breezy in celebrating this newest spring - 2008 - when Breezy beat out cancer so she could enjoy another garden this year!


All 3 are over 80; all 3 are enjoying life - all 3...perfect company!