Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome to my mom's page! My dad passed away in 1993.

This picture was taken in 1941; dad carried mom's photo with him throughout WWII - you can see the slight damage to the photo - it was beside him throughout that terrible time.

The music you'll hear is a composite of songs that were melodies mom and dad loved in their young years - as they progressed through their lives, and the song 'IF' was played at my father's funeral in May of 1993.

Music was a joy to them; to me - to all of us children, and I hope you enjoy your visit as we walk through the lives of 2 people who gave me such strength; I'm almost 66 years old - mom is going on 84, and between the 'two of us' - just the two of us, we feel the power of what we were taught by our parents - our grand parents, and those who were our neighbors and loved family members.

Do the ANNIVERSARY WALTZ with us - listen to the voices of those talented people who've long since passed, and rejoice in the new artists who keep the music alive in us all! Welcome. Diane - the oldest child of Vern and Marie Rambow - who is very proud to be one of the 5 children who enjoy life in this wonderful country of America.