Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Anniversary Waltz - "Oh how they danced on the night they were wed...."

We keep bringing up this beautiful picture of Vern & Marie aka 'Bubbins' and 'Breezy' - their nick-names.
Today, it was a day to chat with Breezy about the Mom's Day celebration; the fact we had all had great times with family, and to remember so many memories....
Today is Tom's birthday - one of Breezy's grandson's - he's 39. We spent a great 5 days with Tom and his family in Palm Desert; the 2 children are just below this entry.
Breezy said she'd had a wonderful brunch with Nancy; Beth - Ken...and 2 of her great grand-kids on Mom's Day.
Breezy said it rained the past few days; so good for the garden and her flowers.
Breezy - today was a eventful day because she went
back in for her follow-up mammogram, and it was 'all clear'.....
All clear was the test; not all
clear was the day - rainy; damp, and so suited for the time of year to plant the
seeds of flowers - a new year of blossoms.
Tom, Sandy - the 2 children; growing like beautiful flowers as well - the family is all healthy; Breezy is happy, as is her oldest daughter who is the mom of Tom - and very happy to post these recent photos here.