Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh how they danced!

All the music I've selected, my mother and father either danced to - sang to, or simply enjoyed when they'd listen to one of their favorite bands.
As you read and listen to the music, you'll find some of the good old 'masters of music' as they play their sax's - their trumpets; dazzle you with their drum skills, or tear your heart out with a love song.
Dad loved the music from the movie GODFATHER. Mom loved just about any kind of music she could tune in on the old radio that was always filled with static.
When they sang GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY, we were driving to Florida - Nancy was a little girl; we both rode in the back of the Hudson dad loved so much, and it seemed like such a long trip.
We went through the Smokey Mountains; dad said we had to visit his army buddy Ansel Seeds. We drove around those hair-pin curves; saw the tiny place Ansel and his family lived in, and then we headed 'south' to Great Grandma Grace's home in Orlando, Florida.
From symphonies to good old jazz and boogie; music was a part of our lives - it is in our spirit, and our 'bones'. That song 'dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones - now hear the word of the Lord'.....well, I couldn't find it for this blog, but I did find GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY. I found so many of those songs mother and dad loved so much.
They were dancing at Ramona Park the night before I was born. As I said earlier, I 'ruined' their Thanksgiving by being born at 4:44 p.m. - Thanksgiving Day of 1942, but darn, I think they did forgive me.
Do stay and listen to the music my parents delighted in hearing; dancing to - and smiling after a long day on the farm; hard work - not much money, but there was always a 'song in their hearts'....